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There are literally thousands of joints in the field of timber framing, and over the years craftsmen in various regions and countries have come up with many variations of the same basic joints. However, regardless of the complexity, the sole purpose of a joint is to provide strength and tie the frame into a cohesive system. This is accomplished through the use of wooden pegs, as well as the use of mechanical fasteners such as nails. Mill Creek's system of joinery has been engineered and time-tested, and the use of CNC technology to cut Mill Creek's joinery allows for unparalleled precision, and exceptional fit during assembly of the timber frame.

The purpose of the joinery in timber framing is two-fold. The joinery is meant to connect two or more pieces of timber together, and it is meant to provide strength for not only the joint, but the structure as a whole.

The most common joint in timber framing is the mortise and tenon joint. The mortise is a pocket cut into a beam into which the tenon is placed. Think of a plug on a lamp as a tenon and the wall socket as the mortise. Many joints are just variations on this simple joint. Depending on where the joint is, and what forces are acting on the joint, it will be held in place either by the weight of the beam itself or, more likely, with a peg or nail.

Timber Frame Homes Mill Creek In Production

Traditionally, wooden pegs and wedges were used to fasten joints prior to the mass production of metal nails. Mill Creek still uses oak pegs to fasten many of our joints, but we also make use of mechanical fasteners such as nails, lag bolts, and timber screws to secure our joinery system. Our system of joinery is time tested and engineered approved, blending the best of traditional joinery with modern technology to create a superior product.

Our use of CNC technology to cut our joinery means that our finished product meets a standard of precision rarely met by hand cutting. The joinery is uniform, and assembly of the timber frame is greatly enhanced by the precisely cut joints. The precision and ease that CNC technology brings to our product ensures that the finished product will be superior not only aesthetically, but also in ease of assembly and overall strength.

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