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Environmental Benefits of Timber Frame Building

Timber Frame Homes Mill Creek In Production

To many, "Green Building" is a recent phenomenon that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. While the terminology may be new, the idea and implementation is an inherent facet of timber frame construction that has remained a constant for hundreds of years. Though stick frame construction has seemingly presented some short-term benefits, the durability and efficiency of a well designed and constructed timber frame building is beyond comparison.


Timber frame structures are one of the most durable types of construction you will find. This fact is evident in the timber frame homes, churches, barns and other buildings that have withstood earthquakes, heavy winters and the general effects of time in the Americas and Europe for centuries. A building that can stand the test of time will have an enormous impact on the replenishment of the trees that were cut to build it, as well as on the materials and energy that might have been used to replace it.

Renewable & Recyclable Natural Resource

The majority of our timber frames are constructed of Eastern White Pine timbers and Western Red Cedar timbers for exterior applications. The manufacturing process of timber uses a fraction of the energy that other materials such as steel, concrete and even dimensional (2x) lumber require. Some of our clients in the past have even utilized reclaimed timbers that have been salvaged from previously disassembled buildings, which effectively doubles the life cycle of the timber materials!

Use of SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels)

Timber Frame Homes Mill Creek In Production

A major advantage of our timber frame buildings over a stick built structure is the energy efficiency afforded by the use of SIPs, often called stress skin panels. Energy bills are remarkably lower in an SIP enclosure than in a comparable stick built structure. In addition to their insulation and sealing capabilities, they have a highly efficient manufacturing process. In the first year after application, the average SIP home saves nineteen times the amount of energy that was consumed in manufacturing of the SIPs!

Another benefit of the SIP building envelope is the indoor air quality it provides. Along with the extremely low amount of air infiltration, comes the ability to better control the indoor environment. Mechanical ventilation systems allow you to filter all incoming air for dust and allergens, and your air conditioning system can dehumidify the conditioned spaces better, making it nearly impossible for mold and dust mites to survive.

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