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Timber Frame Homes

WE LIVE IN YOUR HOME BEFORE YOU DO. It may look like a floor plan to you, but be assured that the timber frame designers at Mill Creek have considered how a home "lives" before making a recommendation. We "live" within its walls, considering the flow of the layout and the story each room tells to all who enter. And, like an old-fashioned matchmaker, we study your family's story and how you see your life unfolding within your new home. It takes a lot of experience and vision to make this connection successful, but connections are what we're all about.

COME VISIT US! Our offices, and design studios are nestled near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park and the scenic Blue Ridge Parkway. Naturally, our office home is a Mill Creek Post & Beam Company structure, so we invite you to look around and make yourself at home. We'll take you on a tour of the gardens and the timber-manufacturing barn on site. See, first hand, the craftsmanship and quality of materials that make a Mill Creek Post & Beam structure far superior to any other.

Timber Frame Homes

IT HELPS TO KNOW WHAT'S AROUND THE BEND. The process of planning and building a new custom home is a little bit like floating down a stream you've never seen before. It's wonderful and exciting, full of new things to explore and appreciate, but it's also new territory, and it helps to have an experienced guide by your side.

The Mill Creek Difference

Don't Take Our Word For It

Timber Frame Cottage Collections

"We find the coziness and warmth of the wood most appealing; it's just a great place to live."
-Chris and Karen; Charleston, N.C

We think of each timber frame home as a beautifully crafted treasure chest that will hold your very best memories. A place that calms your thoughts, and a place that, every now and then, you stop and say to yourself, "I can't believe this is mine!"

Obviously, we understand the significance of our work and find it to be meaningful and deeply satisfying. We take great pride in the artistry of our post and beam homes as we seek to provide an outstanding value for our clients. You can expect to receive personal, cheerful attention, as well as the benefit of our creativity and decades of experience.

TIMBER JOINERY ON SITE. Unlike some timber frame companies that are represented by independent sales staffs and receive their frames from hundreds of miles away, we care for every aspect of your home from the inception of the plans to cutting the frames right here in our facility in Saluda, North Carolina from timber we know to be of the finest quality.

DESIGN BEYOND THE TIMBER FRAME. Mill Creek Post & Beam Company is also unique in its focus that extends far beyond the timber frame elements to include the overall home design. From the moment we begin drafting plans, we think ahead, using the old adage, "form follows function." Whether we are designing a rustic cottage, a French country estate home, an Adirondack Lodge or a shingle style beach home, we remember that, while timber frame is key, the overall design is most important.

Click here to browse our library of photos from the quaintest of cottages to community clubhouses. There's no limit to your timber frame dream.

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