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While relatively small in size, Mill Creek Post & Beam Company is considered a leader in the industry. Firmly established as a top tier timber frame company, the reasons are quite simple. Mill Creek is committed to the highest level of design, impeccable customer service and the use of the latest technologies to ensure a product of uncompromised quality.

We know what we do. We do what we know.

Mill Creek Company is able to provide superior service because of a strong, experienced and dedicated staff. This is our life. Some members have been with the company since its inception in 1984, while most have been with Mill Creek for many years. Experience makes all the difference. Knowledge of the art of timber frame design and the Mill Creek product is key. Most of the team has been involved in every aspect of timber frame construction, from design to assembly. And we will know every aspect of your home project from the inside out, from top to bottom, from beginning to end.

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Best Floor Plan - Still Creek
Mirror Lake - Design Contest

A Note from Mill Creek

Timber Frame Homes

Our Founder, Mark Wray, is an accomplished watercolor artist. As a young man, he began working with a timber frame builder to support his art career. He soon acquired a passion for the artistry of timber craft design. He realized these homes had the potential to be a work of art that people live in and build an entire lifestyle around. He began Mill Creek Post & Beam Company with a commitment to unparalleled quality in every aspect of the design and building process. Somerset

More than twenty five years later, Mark brings an artist's eye and careful touch to every assignment for Mill Creek. It's no wonder then, that Mark began manufacturing his own timber for Mill Creek Post & Beam. A true artist could never pass his vision off for someone else to complete with less than superior materials. Click here to browse our library of photos from the quaintest of cottages to community clubhouses. There's no limit to your timber frame dream.

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